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Master of Uzbek Doira - Asadullaev Ravshan

Asadullaev RavshanThe conclusion is that drums have made people be aware of something and weddings. We have got different information that in previous times before Islamic period only women played Doira. Their playing and dancing due toAsadullaev Ravshan doira have been developing and establishing. So, it’s history concern to the long period.

Today the life is different. As fluctuate, the new forms of doira are appearing. We can see it on the execution of our several skilful executing Master Olim Komilov, Tuychi Inogomov, Kahraman Dadaev, brothers Ismailovs and the master doira of group “Shodlik”, Ravshan Asadullaev.

Ravshan Asadullaev became an apprentice of Ashrafhodajaev Toshpolathuja at the age of 9. At the same time he also went to music school.

He learned the theory of music there and the way of execution the forms as “Tajikcha-Bukharacha”, “Hosil”, “Doira sairaidi”. For his being young and comprehensive Tuich aka dicided to teach him the forms as “ Sarboz”, “Tantana”, “Burulcha”, :Dovul”, “Kush-Kars”, “Kukoncha”. Later Ravshan studied at technical school of culture and Tashkent state University of Culture. When Ravshan plays doira he can’t hide his feelings. He also play the foreign musical instruments as tabla, kongi, dovul.
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